The first was at leading lighting and rigging sales company DWR Distribution and the other at the country’s largest rental and production facility, Gearhouse South Africa, LTM said.


John Jones taught his first South African motor school in 1999 at Gearhouse and has returned three times since.


He said: “I really enjoy the energy of South Africa. The thirst for knowledge here is incredible, and it’s great to see such a wide cross section of people wanting to take their technical knowledge and understanding of such an important part of the industry forward.”


DWR charged 1,900 ZAR per person for the two-day course and “could have easily filled the 18 places three times over,” LTM claimed.


Motor schools took the standard format of 16 places (plus extras!), providing the usual no-nonsense comprehensive overview of the standard 1t Lodestar motor, an extremely popular product in the South African market.