US manufacturer David Round has unveiled a new range of ultra-low speed electric hoists. The hoists are a modified version of the Harrington chain hoist, fitted with a slow second speed, to permit ultra slow operation.

The models range in lifting capacities from 1,000lb to 5 US ton (450kg to 4.5t). The speed can be set to below 2 ft/min without sacrificing the lift speed of the hoist, says David Round.

The hoists can also be fitted in several different configurations including low-speed trolley, jib crane and onto a monorail system. The hoist can also be operated at its normal lifting speed.

Although David Round manufactures a range of both standard and engineered handling equipment, it does not make its own chain hoists. It chose to bring this customised Harrington chain hoist to market as a specialty product because a lot of its business involves modifying or customising equipment for specific applications, the company said.