The two Kalmar Hybrid Straddle Carriers delivered earlier this year to Lineas’s Main Hub terminal in Antwerp will be covered by the agreement. With the delivery of the new hybrid machines, Lineas Intermodal’s Green Xpress network now includes a total of six Kalmar straddle carriers.

The Complete Care agreement provides preventive and corrective maintenance services designed to meet the company’s operational needs with reduced operational risk and downtime.

“The Kalmar Complete Care agreement cements a long-term partnership with Kalmar that will help us to maintain the value of our investment and address future growth at Main Hub,” said Joris Gielen, head of operations North-East at Lineas Intermodal. “With Kalmar’s local service organisation ensuring the equipment uptime and performance meets our standards, we can focus on continuing to provide our customers across Europe with the high standards of service they expect.”

“We are delighted to further strengthen our cooperation with Lineas Intermodal through a comprehensive service agreement that gives them the financial and operational predictability they need,” said Kurt Baars, service manager for Kalmar Belgium. “The intermodal rail market in Europe is growing quickly and, as a result, the demand for eco-efficient equipment solutions is on the rise. This order demonstrates our ability to combine advanced hybrid equipment and flexible service solutions in a comprehensive package for operators in this industry.”