Founded in Massachusetts in 1949, Lincoln is a specialist in lever ratchet hoists. From that year it sold through Lug-all, a lever manufacturer based in Pennsylvania.

Lincoln only began selling under its own brand in 2008, and now plans to extend distribution into Europe.

Commenting on the decision, David Hallen, president of Lincoln Hoist, cited Prorigger’s strong European network.

“We are a US company aiming to extend our business in Europe and we believe having partners on the ground with the necessary experience and expertise is vital,” said Lincoln Hoist President,

Prorigger internationally trades lifting equipment such as trolleys with brakes and products for the offshore industry. It operates a workshop in Gävle where it can test slings or produce them using swaging machines.

Carl-Mikael Nordén, owner of Prorigger with 10 years of industry experience, believes Lincoln has a lot to offer the European market as the original producer of the ratchet lever hoist using double interlocking pawls.

“I’ve always admired the quality and performance of their products. Whereas many companies are going to Asia for branding their non-original hoists, there is nothing better than representing an original brand,” Nordén said.