Woodruff Construction has been using a Reid Lifting PortaGantry Rapide to safely navigate entry and exit to the sewers in Waterloo, Iowa, in order to carry out essential maintenance.

The company is an employee-owned general contractor that offers design-build, construction management and project development services to clients across the state of Iowa, with offices based out of Ames, Fort Dodge, Iowa City, Waterloo and Spencer.

It carries out general contracting work throughout Iowa, impacting the lives of over two million people across the state. One of its most recent projects was to enter the sewers in Waterloo, with a team needing be lowered to gain access safely through access chambers.

Woodruff Construction had purchased two of Reid’s PortaGantry Rapide 1.0t units, which are set up and equipped to use for confined space access and egress, because previously when it had been approached about such jobs in the past, it had been unable to commit to them as it did not have a product suitable to carrying out work in such spaces, and which could also be moved easily from different job locations.

It used the Reid units to enter the sewer and carry out the required maintenance works.

“The PortaGantry Rapide is a v ersatile, portable confined space option for use,” says Cody Shreves, senior safety specialist at Woodruff Construction. “It allows us t o get into some difficult spots with both personnel and equipment and also make sure we are doing our job safely. It has given us the opportunity to be more competitive in our big process and efficient in our daily work tasks.”

The company itself says: “We showcased our innovative approach to ensuring safe sewage access in confined spaces. By utilising our Reid Lifting’s PortaGantry unit, we have successfully enhanced our operational efficiency while prioritising the safety of our team members.”

Reid says the PortaGantry Rapide is a multi-use, foldable aluminium gantry crane that has been designed for rapid deployment and is equipped with a wheel and handle for full portability. It is height-adjustable, capable of lifting goods up to 1,000kg and can be rated for up to three users for fall arrest. It is avail able in a range of configurations and can be customised in line with specific requirements.