Liebherr supplies 3 RMGs to CSX Intermodal in North Carolina

12 January 2022

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Liebherr Container Cranes has supplied three fully automated rail mounted gantry cranes to CSX Carolina Connector Intermodal Terminal (CCX) in Rocky Mount, North Carolina with Liebherr Remote operator Stations (ROS) for supervised moves.

The Liebherr RMGs have a span of 165 ft. (50.292 m), a lift height over rail of 50 ft. (15.24 m) and cantilevered outreaches both sides with a safe working load of 40 long tons (40.6 tonnes). Within the span, the machines will work five rail lines and a four-high, five-wide container stack, with a further two rail lines under one of the cantilevers. Truck handling will take place under the other cantilever in a dedicated truck transfer area.

Container handling on the stack is fully automated and in line with terminal safety procedures, picking and placing from the rail cars is carried out remotely using supervised moves.

Truck handling employs a combination of manual and supervised moves. The RMGs will operate on both domestic 53’ wide top pick containers and ISO containers, handling single and double stacked rail cars.

An industrial data centre with redundant servers and a high speed fibre network anchor the automated crane operations and communications. A 3D measurement system scans the operational area, continuously creating and updating profiles of container stacks, railcars and hazards, providing key data for path planning and automatic operation. XYZ crane positioning is provided by Infrared spreader tracking, RFID gantry and trolley positioning technologies further supported by encoders.

For safety, a Yardeye system has been installed. This system monitors operational traffic, particularly pinmen vehicles in and around the RMG operational area allowing for safe operation. The system uses both GNSS and RFID which provides for increased accuracy and redundancy, tracking the position, heading and velocity of equipped vehicles in the yard in real time.

The new cranes bring state-of-the-art, emission-free container handling to CCX. In line with Liebherr’s long established simultaneous motion approach to container handling, the automated RMG includes 3 dimensional stack and train profiling allowing optimal path planning and the most productive and efficient spreader path rather than the traditional approach of square moves. This approach increases productivity and throughput and results in a further reduction of energy consumption.

The Liebherr drive system with active front end and simultaneous motion allows power usage to be optimised on the crane and regenerated energy fed back to the grid.