The four units operate 100% on electric power for emission-free bulk handling. They also have the Liebherr hybrid system Pactronic installed, which gives the crane additional power when needed.

“We are looking forward to this exciting partnership,” said Andreas Müller, Liebherr sales director for mobile harbour cranes.

The LHM 800 is the largest and most powerful model in the mobile harbour crane product range. Currently, over 20 units in the mobile version are in use with various customers worldwide.

Acciaierie d'Italia has ordered a customized portal version of the 800 model so that the crane can move along the quay edge on the already installed rail and at the same time, the space under the portal can be used.

“Acciaierie d'Italia is a major player in the European steel business. We are proud that they have chosen the market leader in mobile harbour crane technology – Liebherr. With Mac Port Group they have a competent and local contact on site. We will support them in all service matters and ensure maximum availability of the equipment,” said Matteo Bilotti, MD, Mac Port Group.

The four LPS 800 of Acciaierie d'Italia have a 4-rope configuration with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 144 tons. All machines are equipped with an e-drive. The cranes are also equipped with the Pactronic hybrid power booster developed by Liebherr.

The Pactronic is an additional pressure storage that accumulates sink energy or excess energy from the electric drive and returns it to the closed hydraulic circuit in the form of pressure when required. This allows the power in the lifting process to be increased. Handling rates of up to 2000 tonnes per hour are possible.

To prepare both the crane operators and the technical staff of Acciaierie d'Italia in the period until delivery, various training options are currently being discussed. Liebherr's own LiSIM simulator will be used in the process. Technical service training at the maritime headquarters in Rostock, Germany, is also conceivable for optimum preparation for the future handling equipment.