Over $1million of equipment will be stocked and rented from this newly revamped warehouse. Prior to the expansion, the Houston facility only housed the MaxiBar line.

“The demand for products in the LGH product line, as well as the MaxiBar product, has resulted in the need for a larger warehouse to store existing MaxiBar equipment and to stock a full range of LGH products and capacities,” said Tony Fiscelli, general manager of LGH’s USA headquarters in Bridgeview, Illinois.

The expanded building is planned to be 35,000 sq ft in size with a 20,000 sq ft yard.

A 350t horizontal pull test bed will be housed at the site, allowing for the testing of rental gear and the maintenance of customer equipment. The location will also include a 25t vertical hoist test stand.

Fiscelli said the expansion of the Houston facility will allow it to better serve its clients because it will have the space to feature its entire product range.

The Houston warehouse will continue to be the main USA storage area for LGH modular lifting beams, including the new 600t capacity model. Three overhead crane bays will be installed to handle large MaxiBar modular lifting beams and other oversized equipment.

“We are excited about the expansion of the Houston facility and look forward to being able to better serve all of our clients from this centralised warehouse,” said customer service manager, David McKenzie.

He added: “The expansion and increased business volume will also create more jobs in the Houston area.”