By building safety into the drive, machine builders gain from reduced external components, simpler and faster cabling, and faster reaction to safety signals, according to Lenze. Furthermore, it added, there is no need for safety contactors on the power input and output to the drive, “saving more cost and making EMC compliance easier.”

The option for a safe creep speed suits machines where the process must not stop. The Lenze safety module ensures that a pre-defined safe speed cannot be exceeded.

The same SM301 safety module can be programmed for the maximum permissible jog speed and the maximum duration time of the jog, making the jog a safe controlled process. This function is also know as Safe Tip.

Lenze said: “Drive-based safety modules perform to the safety standards EN945-1 Cat 3 and IEC61508 SIL3. They allow connection of active and passive safety sensors and a safe fieldbus.”