The UK-based trade association, which primarily represents companies performing inspections of industrial cranes, recently audited four firms in China, an indication of the LEEA’s growing standing in the country.

H-Lift Industries Co, General Lifting Engineering Co, Shanghai ABS Technical Inspection Co and Mak Kee International underwent rigorous assessment by LEEA, joining the association’s burgeoning member base that has grown to surpass 650 companies.

The audit covers a raft of issues as prospective members. This includes analysis of the use of appropriately trained staff, the availability of suitable and correctly calibrated test equipment, effective material control, traceability and identification procedures.
Geoff Holden, chief executive of the LEEA, said the latest additions from China mark a significant point in the association’s history.
He said: "The visit of one of our officers to assess potential members in China marks another milestone in the development of both the LEEA and the global lifting industry.

"Right around the world there is growing recognition of the need for higher standards of professionalism, and more and more companies are turning to the LEEA to help them achieve this goal."