LCM Systems introduces remote software diagnosis

20 February 2012

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Using its propriety software, LCM’s in-house design engineers will have the ability to immediately access customers’ systems to diagnose issues and resolve queries.

Clients can also rely upon the remote service for initial calibration of software, said LCM Systems.

Steve Sargeant, managing director at LCM Systems, says this will help it achieve better service.

“Until now, our engineers have been advising our overseas customers either via the telephone or email,” he says.

“Although this has worked well, sometimes it can cause confusion as we can’t actually see the problem and explaining it can sometimes be difficult.

“Now, our engineers can directly access the system, resulting in any problems being quickly resolved, enabling the customer to concentrate on their particular application.”

LCM Systems designs and manufactures load cells, load pins and load monitoring instrumentation systems. It offers both bespoke and standard products.