The 33,000 square foot facility produces textured plant-based proteins and starches that are used as an alternative protein in vegan and plant-based meats. 

The company uses protein concentrates, fibres, and starches from yellow peas to create their products and Alberta is a significant pea producing province. 

A spokesman for Kristian said when the raw plant material arrives at the facility, it is delivered in bulk bags that weigh upwards of 1000kgs each. These bags need to be lifted and placed above the repository so they can be emptied into the ingredient transfer system. 

“The Coffing JLC electric chain hoist is built for heavy-duty demands with a multiple disc motor brake, overload clutch, and H4 duty rating. With a line capacity of producing 4500 tonnes of protein per year, Kristian determined the JLC was the obvious hoist choice for this application,” the spokesman said. 

“Each hoist is also fitted with a below-the-hook attachment called a bulk container lifting beam. These 36” lifting beams are constructed of smooth tubing, ensuring no sharp edges, and a low-headroom design constructed specifically for factory processes.  

The bu’lk bag corner straps are then connected to the four endpoints of the beam, allowing for a safe and even lift above the hoppers.’ 

Lovingly Made Ingredients already has room to expand its facility with several more production lines in the works.