The crane, which will work over the paper machine (PM2) will be a 75t SMD crane with three trolleys and a span of 26.38m. The two outer operating trolleys will have 37.5t capacity and the centre trolley will have 75t capacity.

The crane will have Remox radio remote controls – two sets to be fitted to provide back up operation and a pendant is fitted for use on the bridge for roof and light maintenance.

They will be fitted with Konecranes DynA inverter variable speed control on all motions, girder and trolley platforms, ControlPro condition monitoring on each hoist, festoon cross cabling, ultimate hoist limit switches and motion limit switches on all crane motions. Tandem control is provided between the two outer trolleys and the middle trolley will automatically position itself on the cross travel when the other trolleys move.

All crane functions are controlled through a crane board PLC but all stop and limit functions are also hard wired.

The existing dry end crane will be moved along the rails to the wet end of the paper machine, where the existing wet end crane will be taken down and removed.