Konecranes UK has won £630,000 ($1.1m) of business from new crane and modernisation work for steelmaker Corus. Three 20t Konecranes scrap handling cranes made in 1992 and fitted with magnets are being refurbished. The work includes increasing the speed and throughput by fitting a new SM trolley to each crane along with Konecranes DynAHoist and DynAC inverter variable control systems. The crane cabins are to be repositioned to one end of each crane and all mechanical parts such as the travel wheels and drives will be replaced. All three cranes will also be fitted with Konecranes DynAPilot Anti-Sway and ControlPro condition monitoring. The project is worth $720,000. The company is also supplying a new 20t double-girder SMD crane to the site. The 20m span crane, worth $270,000, will have the same spec as the others. Customer is steel industry services company Brambles. A further 20t CXT double girder crane with 29m span with radio control, DynAHoist and ControlPro for the turbine hall of UK’s Sutton Bridge Power Station is being delivered in December. It is worth $110,000.