The modernisation division of Konecranes UK based at East Kilbride in Scotland reports a number of modernisation and upgrade projects currently commissioned in ports around the UK.

At ports in Hull and Gould, it is designing and fitting modified luffing beams to existing Stothart & Pitt cranes that were built in 1964.

In Clydeport at Greenock, a Konecranes team is continuing modernisation work started last year. Work includes supplying an upgraded safeguard system for the reeling drum cables on the existing cranes, and fitting a belt system to protect the cable.

Also on the Clyde, at BAE Systems, previously the Yarrow Shipyard, Konecranes UK is supplying and fitting Dynahoist Invertor variable speed control and Remox Radio controls to an old Anderson Grice crane.

Konecranes managing director Gordon Adie said: "We are delighted with the uptake and scope of the modernisation work in and around the maritime sector. There are many cranes operating out there that have done many years work that can have their lives not only extended by my team, but also upgraded. Companies are delighted at the cost saving implications when compared to the probable outlay that a new crane would incur."