LTC Group makes magnetic cores and laminations for transformers and reactors.

The cranes will support the entire material flow, from incoming raw materials to finished products. The 21-crane and service contract was booked in Q1 2023, with deliveries to take place from May 2023.

Konecranes will be responsible for the safe and optimised running of the cranes under a three-year annual maintenance contract, extending a business relationship with LTC Group that first started in 2011.

The company will also modernise an existing crane at the site to enhance functionality.

“Our production line uses high-quality materials and the manufacturing process needs both reliable and cutting-edge equipment. Konecranes’ products and services meet those needs, which made it natural to choose them for this project,” said Mauro Mereghetti, managing director, LTC Middle East FZCo.

“Customers like LTC Group are increasingly asking for equipment and services that reliably and safely support their material flow, and with reduced carbon emissions. Our cranes do just that, delivering precise lifting while significantly cutting down on wear and tear,” said Ajit Kumar, Konecranes’ director industrial cranes, UAE.

LTC Group’s new facility in Dubai will double its production capacity in the region and supply transformers for wind power, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, cogeneration and biomass facilities.

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