Konecranes has launched a new add-on for its diesel RTGs, allowing owners to convert them to hybrid diesel/electric power.

The Hybrid Power Pack is designed to allow users the ease of use of a fully diesel RTG, while saving port operators money by potentially reducing diesel fuel consumption by at least 60%.

The RTG operates with electrical power drawn from the batteries when it is possible to do so.

Additionally, energy generated during braking is converted into electricity and recharges batteries.

This allows RTGs to operate much longer on a single tank of fuel.

??Konecrane’s other diesel-fuel reducing option, the Diesel Fuel Saver, achieves similar fuel efficiency by matching RPM with the energy output required.

Alongside the Hybrid Power Pack, Konecranes’ pre-existing power options for both diesel and electric RTGs include the Diesel Fuel Saver, and two electric power options, the Cable Reel and Busbar.

The company also provides retrofitting and servicing of machines.