The plant, located in Amberath, Thane, was established by ASB’s parent company Nissei ASB Machine Co Ltd, Japan, and is designed to be one of the most modern and largest manufacturing facilities in its industry. The company supplies customers in more than 80 countries, with 5,000 of its bottle moulds in use globally.

More than 50 cranes, with capacities from 0.5t–30t, have been gradually installed at the plant, to efficiently and safely lift machine components, entire machines, and complete moulds, used to make stretched polyester film products for industries including food and beverage manufacturing, chemicals and cosmetics, building products and household products.

The latest pair of 15t and 25t double girder cranes feature Konecranes’ Truconnect system, which provides remote digital monitoring and analytical technologies used to predict the most suitable and timely maintenance of the cranes, as well as detecting impending production risks and accidents.

Elsewhere in the facility, Konecranes’ CXT single and double electric overhead travelling cranes, fitted with the latest ControlPro safety and performance control system, are used to produce more than 750 stretch blow moulding machines and 1,200 moulds.

“Our Konecranes are an integral component of our relentless focus on quality and process at ASB, by which we have been able to set international benchmarks in our field,” says ASB’s general manager for moulding and project, Jagdish Shukla.

“Cranes are vital to our assembly and dispatch. We rely on them for efficiency and safety. Our Konecranes are very easy to use, very user-friendly. And we have completed operator training with Konecranes, which further contributes to our safety and cost-efficiency. Our cranes are backed with service, with the location of the new Konecranes production facility near us being even better for our needs.

“We have enjoyed a very long association with Konecranes, extending from when the plant was established in 1999, and which has become even closer following the opening of Konecranes new production plant near to Mumbai. We particularly value their reliability of product, good service and globally advanced technologies that contribute to our safety and cost-efficiency.”