Konecranes sales in the Asia-Pacific region represented 13% of Konecranes 2006 sales. China represented roughly one-third of sales in Asia-Pacific, and clearly less than 10% of group sales in 2006. “The headline is therefore incorrect,” it said.

As the Chinese market for Konecranes products and services is anticipated to grow faster than the global market in the long term, Konecranes expects its sales development to follow this trend. Its target is that its 2007 and future sales growth in China would be faster than the group’s global sales growth.

Konecranes started production in its fourth plant in China in April 2007. The company has no current plans to open additional plants in China, “contrary to the Reuters news.”

Konecranes strategy includes an active acquisition policy. The group is therefore continuously studying acquisition and joint venture opportunities in several parts of the world, including companies in China.