Kocks Kranbau was established early 2023 following the insolvency of parent company Kocks Ardelt Kranbau, a port and shipyard crane manufacturer. Kocks Kranbau’s main operations are based in Bremen, Hamburg and Oberhausen.

In recent years the annual net sales of the acquired business have totalled around EUR 10-12 million, and the business has been profitable. The acquisition will bring close to 60 employees to Konecranes, and give it access to the large installed base of Kocks Ardelt Kranbau in Germany, Europe and globally.

“I am confident Kocks Kranbau’s expertise and customer proximity, when combined with Konecranes Port Services’ widespread presence, industry knowledge and technology, will strengthen our position and offering as global services provider in the port sector,” said Paolo Dazi, senior VP, Port Services, Konecranes.