Delivery of the Smarton cranes will be completed between September 2011 and March 2012.

Konecranes’ newly introduced the range of Smarton cranes are provided in standardized versions of 30-500t lifting capacity with service panels and remote diagnostics capability. They also can reduce energy use by up to 30% and damage to high-value goods, the manufacturer says.

Four of the cranes are fully automated and interface with the Manufacturing Execution System for moving ingots and coils, two additional cranes are stacker cranes.

The firm provided an additional twelve standard Smarton cranes, with lifting capacities of up to 120t.

The cranes are integrated with automated machines through the plant, including an aluminum smelter and can-sheet rolling mill.

The Ma’aden Rollling Company is jointly owned by Ma’aden mining company and Alcoa, the world’s third largest producer of aluminum.

Ma’aden expects that the rolling plant will begin producing food-grade aluminum cans in 2013.