The customer, a producer of equipment and tools for manufacturing electronics and other goods, required a crane that provided safe and precise positioning of its components.

The column-mounted slewing crane with Kito EQ electric chain hoist was installed at SCS on the CNC machine tools, to assist operators in precisely feeding in and removing components, some of which are heavy, from the CNC machine. Due to the large radius of the crane, two CNC machines are served with the single chain hoist.

The EQ chain hoist is robust and solidly-built, says Kito, and due to its electric overload inverter guarantees precise positioning of the load and very high running stability. It is fitted with an upper and lower load limit switch, thermal overload protection, and an operating hours and load cycle counter.

The hoist is a critical part of the manufacturing process at SCS, says the customer. SCS manufactures a large and growing range of systems for the electronics industry, with more than 50,000 blanks processed annually to produce precision parts.