Fallen Patriots provides college scholarships and educational services to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. After government programmes, the average shortfall in college funding for a student is $25,000. Since 2002, Fallen Patriots has provided more than $70m to nearly 3,000 children, including almost 1,400 debt-free graduates. ? 

Supported by channel partners and end users throughout the US, Kito Crosby is looking to raise $50,000 this autumn. From 1 September through to 31 October 2023, the company will donate $500 for every Crosby, Harrington, Acco, and Peerless training event the company hosts in the US. In addition, all proceeds from the Crosby User’s Guide for Lifting online training course during this time will be donated.

Private donations are also welcome. Gifts can be made at liftingforthetroops.com and all of the proceeds go to the Fallen Patriots.

Melissa King Ruths, Kito Crosby’s senior vice president of marketing and training, said: “We are honoured to partner with the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation again for now the fourth year. Together, with our distributors and end users, we are proud to support such an important cause and help raise enough this year to cover the cost of two college scholarships for young people who have been affected by military casualties.”

Kito Crosby, a KKR portfolio company, manufactures and distributes products and services used to make lifting, rigging, transporting, and securing operations safer and more efficient. Today, more than 50 veterans work in the company’s facilities.