K2 can control any device, from the humble chain hoist to the most sophisticated variable-speed winches. It will also operate existing Kinesys equipment for full backwards compatibility.

With the K2, any item (prop, scenery, lighting truss etc), be it flown, tracked or revolved, can be dealt with in terms of its own movement – rather than the movement of the devices that support it, Kinesys said.

This flexibility simplifies the communication between designer and programmer: rather than program ‘this winch up, this winch down’, the user programs in “tilt another five degrees,” Kinesys said.

K2 provides 3D viewers so that the movement of pieces can be monitored and programmed from any angle. The operator can move around anywhere and on any plane within their 3D world, flying their viewpoint camera in and around the objects, zooming in and out as needed. Programming of motion is equally straightforward with a graphical 3D interface providing intuitive and easy to use controls, according to Kinesys.

The product was launched in September.