Having recently announced that the company will now supply cleanroom cranes, lifting equipment manufacturer Hoist UK is now acting as the exclusive UK distributor for Dutch manufacturer D2Cranes.

Under the agreement D2Cranes, who produce the Optimate, Dedicate and Ultimate range of cleanroom cranes, will supply Hoist UK with products from these ranges for sale across the UK and Ireland.

As dedicated clean room crane manufacturers, D2Cranes says that its designs reduce the number of parts with ‘cleanroom unfriendly characteristics’, such as rough, pitted surfaces.

Hoist UK director Paul Jordan commented: "This new range of hoists, cranes and lifting structures are suitable for all cleanroom environments from the food industry to the semi-conductor industry, and our products cover all cleanroom applications. Because of the stringent specifications required for cleanroom environments we do not recommend the use of modified standard industrial equipment, and the products offered through Hoist UK have been designed specifically for cleanroom use by D2cranes".

Products from its Dedicate range use materials designed to be as close to frictionless as possible, such as stainless steel and Dyneema fibre lifting ropes, minimizing the creation of loose particles to contaminate the cleanroom environment.

Available as single or double girderrunning cranes dependent on the application requirements the cranes provided by D2Cranes have a compact design meaning that the Dedicate range of cleanroom cranes require a minimal installation height to achieve an optimal lifting height. Optional equipment, such as spreader bars and control systems are available to customize Dedicate range cranes to each particular cleenroom’s needs.

While D2Cranes says all of its products are manufactured to ensure compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidance for the pharmaceutical and food production industries, its Ultimate range promotes an even stronger focus on cleanroom safety.

Sustainable materials chemically treated to guard against contamination are used in its fabrication, and with the high level of focus on safety, the Ultimate range incorporates redundancy of vital components, such as brakes and lifting ropes, as a central design feature to provide failsafe capability. Intended to suit the most stringent requirements for cleanroom cranes its drive and control systems are completely sealed to the external environment, with all seals double designed and any mechanical processing done to the most accurate tolerances and fits.

The manufacturer says it is also working towards compliance with ISO Class 5 or even Class 4 for its cranes.

Managing Director of D2cranes, Roland Hessels, explained: "The range of cleanroom hoists is based on three main selection criteria, and subject to your specification and budget we will select products from our Optimate, Dedicate or Ultimate range of hoists, all of which can be seen in detail in the clean room area of the Hoist UK website".

David Round
US lifting equipment manufacturer David Round’s latest product for cleanroom applications is a compact 100% stainless steel floor crane that is foldable to minimize the space it uses when idle.

Manufactured by the Company’s Ruger Industries Division, the portable crane is mounted on a wheeled stand and the company says it can easily be manoeuvred through narrow doorways, aisles and other areas usually off-limits to other forms of lifting equipment.

David Round says the intention was to provide a cost-efficient and safer alternative to motorised lift trucks.

The crane is 100% stainless steel, with no painted surfaces, and can be used in pharmaceutical, food processing, electronics manufacturing and other cleanroom applications.

It is constructed using ¼ to ½-inch thick structural tubing to form a totally welded product, making it a robust crane, despite meaning the crane contains around twice the amount of metal as its competitors.

Available with lifting capacities of up to 450kg, David Round says the crane is easy to guide and propel.

The new stainless steel floor crane with be on exhibit at the Javits Center in New York for the Interphex 2012 parmaceutical manufacturing tradeshow.