The JLT 1214 unit has been designed for specialist handling vehicles, cranes, lifts, trucks and forklifts, and can operate in warehouse environments ranging from cold stores up to high temperature situations.

JLT said the computer works off voltages from 9V to 72V DC and can be run straight off the vehicle power supply, requiring no special adapters. It can withstand power outages of up to 10 minutes and can be moved from vehicle-to-vehicle, JLT said.

In addition, the JLT 1214 has built-in WLAN, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity; a 12in touchscreen; an IP65 watertight rating; and is compatible with all standard Windows programmes and hardware through four USB interfaces or an RJ45 10/100-TP Ethernet port.

“This advanced computer is built for extreme conditions and we should like to talk to those companies that are developing applications for warehouses, cold stores and even high temperature environments,” said Mark Muslek, managing director, JLT UK.

“We are investing heavily to support our UK sales plans. Specialist partners are essential to the success of these plans and we are looking for additional VARs to join our network of rugged mobile applications specialists.”