“Three months ago, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of the JDN mini Food Grade. Now we are launching its first major upgrade,” said Andre Rohde, head of sales, JDN.

“In the last year, the JDN mini Food Grade set new standards for hoists in the food industry. We convinced our global customers to install this hoist in slaughterhouses, dairy plants or vegetable processing applications. The launch of the updated version of the JDN mini Food Grade marks the next chapter of this success story.”


Rohde added the company saw there was a need for a pneumatic hoist in the food and beverage industry and, compared to electrical hoists the pneumatic technology is more hygienic and better equipped for the job and has already received positive feedback from customers.

Talking through the new options, Moritz Neuhaus-Gallade, group marketing, JDN said they were four key improvements including a water-permeable chain box; twist-lock hook; lasered marking and an improved control pendant.

For hygiene purposes, the hoist can be cleaned regularly with water and detergents. The cleaning agents have to reach every part of the hoist as effectively as possible and wash off again before use. For this purpose, JDN Group has created a water-permeable chain box made of stainless-steel elements as this is the best option for the hoist improving hygiene while allowing it to maintain its performance.

“We got in touch with our suppliers in the food and frozen food industry. They had issues with corrosion and asked us if we could create a fully integrated stainless steel hoist, which is what we launched, and have now upgraded it to be more sustainable and safer for our customers,” added eight-generation family member Neuhaus-Gallade.

“There are four main updates; the stainless steel trolley, conversion kit for the twist lock hook, with safety pin, the air intake available in stainless steel and the stickers are now lasered into the machinery itself. We saw there was a laser opportunity within our production facilities so decided to laser all the information about the hoist onto the product itself as well as the logo and the name of the hoist. The biggest option is the chain back, which can also be cleaned and rinsed off with water.”

Due to safety, the standard JDN twist-lock hook is also now available in an extended stainless-steel version. This option allows for a higher durability due to increased corrosion resistance.

READ the full interview in the August edition of Hoist magazine.