JD Neuhaus launches S-Control

7 September 2022

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JD Neuhaus has launched S-Control, featuring a robust design with a new ergonomic and comfortable handle for handling.

The company is constantly looking for ways to develop its portfolio and this latest product is the further development of its FI-Control representing its successor: The S-Control. 

S-Control is manufactured using stainless steel materials for use in harsh environments including aggressive substances in the atmosphere. The more compact control hose has the hose relief with significantly higher force already integrated.

Optionally, the S-Control can be expanded with an additional trigger for the raise and lower button. 

“S-Control allows for very sensitive regulation of speeds. While developing the control the ergonomics were a focal point. The strong and robust design allows the user a pleasant working and a safe moving of loads. The use of non-rusting materials allows the application in areas with aggressive substances in the atmosphere,” a spokesman said. 

“The compact control hose has the hose relief already integrated – with a distinctly higher force. The S-control can optionally be expanded with an additional trigger guard for the lifting and lowering buttons.”