JD Neuhaus introduce low-maintenance air hoist

11 February 2011

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The low-maintenance hoist is designed to use fewer components. The hoist’s energy saving valve requires 25% less air and no lubricant. The new EH25 hoist can lift 25t and but may also be used onland. Beam width mounting and 3m of lift is provided. Overload adjustment is from 90 to 125%,

JD Neuhaus has supplied the EH25 for compatibility with optional features to adapt it for specific environments. The rack and pinion drive, which restricts horizontal movement, makes the hoist particularly applicable for use on a shipboard, as is the offshore corrosion protection package. An additional articulated trolley may be used in projects requiring limited side pulling. Chemical and cement industries may find the Ex rating ensures safety in explosive conditions. JDN manorial hoists, designed for sub-zero temperatures, were displayed at the Arctic Technology trade fair earlier this month.

JD Neuhaus recently installed four 6t air hoists and one 10t air hoist to be used in ship maintenance at a dry dock facility in New Jersey.