J R Clancy supplies Arkansas community college

12 January 2011

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The firm will supply six Powerlift automated hoists, to be installed by general contractor Pook, Diemont and Ohl, that will control the cyclorama, electrics and utility battens.

These in turn will be controlled using J R Clancy’s SureTarget 10 control system, a wall-mounted console capable of controlling the movement of up to 10 hoists, and featuring a touch-screen display.

Constructed using industrial grade components more commonly associated with elevators and critical lift applications; the unit will provide precision position control for the 2000lb lifting capacity hoists that will travel at cross-speeds of 20ft per minute.

Construction of the new 50,000 sq ft facility at the community college will also include an expandable exterior amphitheatre, in addition to the 1600-seat auditorium and convention area.

Hempstead Hall will be finished by November this year, while the remainder of the project is scheduled for completion in January 2012.