The tender is advertised as a small business set-aside. The small business unit is $6.5m.

The contractor should provide for the safety inspections and testing of the following equipment: overhead and gantry cranes and hoists; powered industrial trucks; mobile cranes; jacks; and slings. TASKS (1): Perform inspection and testing of equipment in accordance with the following applicable publications: 29 CFR 1910.178, Powered Industrial Trucks; 29 CFR 1910.179, Overhead and Gantry Cranes; 29 CFR 1910.180, Mobile Cranes; 29 CFR 1910.181, Der ricks; 29 CFR 1910.184, Slings; TB 43-0142, Safety Inspection and Testing of Lifting Devices, 28 February 1997; and American National Standard Institute (ANSI), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). 1. ANSI A10.4-1990, Personnel Hoists 2. ANSI A10.5-1981, Material Hoists 3. ANSI/ASME B30.1-1986, Jacks 4. ANSI/ASME B30.2-1990, Overhead and Gantry Cranes, Top Running Bridges 5. ANSI/ASME B30.5-1989, Mobile Cranes 6. ANSI/ASME B30.6-1990, Derricks 7. ANSI/ASME B30.9- 1990, Slings 8. ANSI/ASME B30.11-1988, Monorails and Underhung Cranes 9. ANSI/ASME B30.16-1987, Overhead Hoists. Document all inspections and tests on an appropriate certification work sheet form. Provide a copy of the certification form to the Supply, Equipment an d Motor Pool Branch within five (5) calendar days after each inspection and test has been performed. Lock-out and tag-out (LOTO) any piece of equipment that fails to meet safety standards. Notify the Equipment Specialist of this LOTO. Comply with all OSHA safety regulations and requirements. All employees used in the service of this contract to work at the ALC and Blossom Point sites shall be American Citizens or possess documentation from the U.S. Immigration & Naturalization that will be acceptable by the Security Office. All employees used in the service of this contract at ALC and Blossom Point are required to have the following types of certifications or have competent technical knowledge of NAVFAC P-307; Department of Labor Accreditation; OSHA; and ASME. Establish a certification method and assure that an inspection certification decal/label or sticker will be placed on the unit with date of inspection and other pertinent information of that unit, IAW requirements of AR 750-58 and the TBs. The label will include: (a) The load rating and date of the next periodic inspection will be placed on cranes, booms and other hoisting units; (b) Slings and chains will be marked to indicate the load rating and the next periodic inspection date. This shall be accomplished by means of color coding, pressure-sensitive tapes, metal tags or a combination of all these methods; (c) A-Frames, shop floor cranes, hoist beams and jacks will be labeled with the load rating and date of the next periodic inspection; (d) Forklifts will be labeled on the side of the mast to the operators left with a load rating and date of the next periodic inspection. All Contractors who are to work at the ALC and Blossom Point sites shall possess Security Clearance.

TASKS (2): Supply all labor, materials, tools, equipment and supervision and agree to perform emergency repairs of the hoisting equipment at ALC and Blossom Point;  commence work on the repair of the hoisting equipment not later than seven (7) calendar days after being notified; perform the emergency repair of the hoisting equipment IAW manufacturers recommendations; responsible for obtaining all manufacturers recommended maintenance manuals; and comply with all OSHA safety regulations and requirements. Commence work on the inspection and load testing of the hoisting equipment not later than thirty (30) calendar days after award of the contract. The contractor shall work with the Equipment Specialist, ARL-ALC Logistics Division, to prepare and provide a work schedule not to inconvenience the user, to the Procuring Activity Technical Representative (PATR) fourteen (14) calendar days prior to commencement of work, to show when and where work shall be accomplished. The Contractor shall accomplish all work within ninety calendar days after award of the contract.

Award to be made based on the following evaluation criteria: technical capability and price. Technical capability is defined as meeting all requirements identified in Task 1.

Deadline: 24 March 2006

Contact: All offers shall be submitted to Capital District Contracting Center, 9410 Jackson Loop, Suite 101, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5134 or via e-mail to

All interested parties must be registered with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) as prescribed in DFARS 252.204-7004 and 252.232-7009. CCR can be accessed at or by calling 1-888-227-2423. The CCR registration must be completed before award can be made.

Note that 52.212-1, Instructions to Offerors-Commercial Items, applies to this acquisition. 52.212-3 Offeror Representations and Certifications-Commercial Items. In addition the clauses 52.212-4, Contract Terms and Conditions-Commercial Items and 52.212-5; Contr act Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes or Executive Orders-Commercial Items applies to this solicitation. Specifically, the following clauses cited are applicable: FAR 52.222-26, Equal Opportunity; FAR 52.232.33 Payment by Electronic Fund s Transfer-Central Contractor Registration. Full text of the clauses may be accessed at: OR at