Igus energy chain systems are familiar sights in industrial production facilities but are less readily associated with showbusiness – until now, perhaps.

The Treasure Island show in Las Vegas, USA involves a pair of life-size ships in a pirate gun battle on the Strip. Spectacular special effects and firework displays attract thousands of spectators daily.

But the show kept having to be cancelled because of breakdowns in the underwater energy and data cables that control the special effects. That’s when Igus was called in and put in place a complete energy chain system.

Collateral running type 5 energy chains with a total length of 2 x 60m were used, along with 5.7km of standard and special cables. Custom-made Igus Chainflex CF9.60.15 (15 wires of 6mm each) and Igus CF11.07.14.02 (14 x 2 pairs of wires of 0.7mm2 each) were built-in, in 2.15km sections.