CMAK has upgraded its HoistSense electronic hoist monitoring and controlling system, and will launch the improved model under the name HoistSense+.

HoistSense has been used by the industry for many years, says CMAK, after being introduced in 2011. The existing version can monitor the remaining economical service life of a hoist, prevent or monitor overloading, display the load on the hook, increase the nominal speeds of a crane depending on the load, and dynamically warn when maintenance is required, all using a closed-loop system.

The HoistSense+ works with the latest data communication technology, also called Industry 4.0 and The Internet Of Things. The system can integrate into generic industrial WiFi or a mobile data router and connect to the internet, to start transferring information securely to CMAK cloud servers, to monitor the data and to create reports and alarms for the operators in real-time.

This improves the performance of the cranes in a range of ways, says CMAK: operators will know exactly what is happening on their cranes, thanks to periodical reports, as well as when to replace brake linings, with standard sensors checking the brakes physically; cloud servers can advise end users when there is a requirement to train the operators to avoid incorrect usage, based on analysis of usage patterns; and much more integration with future requirements of the end user.

HoistSense+ also comes with load summation industrial protocols, slack rope supervision, secure wired connection for calibration, additional overload limits, the ability to monitor the temperature of the control cabinet and motors, and to monitor additional drives.

To improve security, the HoistSense+ will not accept connections from the internet for calibration and adjustments—these must be carried out using a direct wired connection to the hardware.

The system incorporates features found on the HoistSense including UltraSpeed, which increase speeds depending on the load carried by the crane, reducing the overall time taken to complete tasks. It also has a large-format display, enabling operators to view crane information immediately.

Graham Lindley at New-tonne Lifting, the sole distributor of CMAK Crane Systems in the UK, said: “We can see a lot of advantages on the CMAK HoistSense when fitted to a crane. From displaying load very accurately, giving notices when to service the crane, to increasing speeds when handling lighter loads and decreasing cycle times significantly. The system works extremely well and is very reliable.”