The school was hosted by Litestructures GB Ltd at its premises in Wakefield utilising its new rehearsal space. Siobhan Hitchen from Rope Assemblies, spoke about wire rope inspection and LOLER requirements on the second day, as well as taking part in the workshop as a student.

The main emphasis of the workshop was current and potential future legislation in the entertainment, touring and event industry. The subject was covered by Verlinde’s Hans van der Moolen, who has been in the entertainment event rigging industry throughout Europe for the last 30 years.

Tony Dickson said: “The course focussed on issues that effect the whole industry rather than just focussing on a particular product. I am sure that there are people who do not fully agree with some of the codes of practice and standards that are in circulation, but the fact is that we all need to be aware of these and fully understand them.”

But, he added: “I know there are people in the industry that offer their opinion as to the relevance or even the necessity of some of the safety features in these provisions, but the fact is they are there and we, as an industry, should and must strive to embrace and meet these standards at all times.”

Hoist UK were asked by Verlinde to limit the school to eight attendees but could have filled the workshop “three times over,” it said. Actually, the class size was increased to 10.

Hoist UK’s motor and truss workshop hoist uk 1 Hans van de Moolen of Verlinde addresses the group hoist uk 2