Central to the ER2 Limit Lock hoist is an inverter-controlled hoist that slows and then stops the system anywhere within the full travel range of the hoist.

The system also includes emergency upper and lower travel protection through standard electromechanical limit switches.

According to Kito, the hoist is equipped with an encoder device that detects the hook position within +/- 10mm; and two separate positions that can be easily selected using only the push pendant station.

Its ER2 Limit Lock hoist operates with dual speed, and is available for a capacity range of 125 kg to 5 ton.

In addition to the Limit Lock model, Kito Europe has also introduced its ER2 Stepless Speed electric chain hoist that features infinitely variable speed control.

The manufacturer says ER2 Stepless Speed hoist is "ideal" for eliminating load-bounce in jib or bridge cranes, which makes load positioning safe, easy and intuitive for the operator.

The hoist is also suited for fine positioning in assembly operations, or in cases where the load is delicate and valuable.