The project included the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of a double drum winch for hoisting around 2,600t per day, operating two daily 10.5hr shifts, 354 days per year. It also included the provision of an electrical drive system with 3.5MW synchronous AC motor, subcontracted to ABB Canada. Final commissioning is scheduled for late summer 2008.CVRD proposes to dewater the existing shaft, replace the current headframe with a new 135ft unit and install a new production service hoist (also built by DavyMarkham), then eventually deepen the shaft.The hoisting plant will have the capacity to haul around 2,200t of ore and 400t of rock waste daily, from the 4,110ft level. To cover the future possibility of removing deposits below that depth, it will be designed to accommodate hoisting from 6,110ft, or almost 1.25 miles below ground.The production/service double drum hoist and associated mechanical, electrical, automation and control components (again, supplied by DavyMarkham) will be capable of serving all duties, including shaft dewatering and deepening.The basic hoist configuration will consist of one fixed and one clutched drum assembly, running on a two-piece, three-bearing drumshaft, which will be directly coupled to a synchronous AC electric motor drive, with the clutched drum nearest the motor and the fixed one farthest from the drive.DavyMarkham will be responsible for installing and commissioning the mine hoist system, managing all the mechanical and electrical work on site, then scheduling final inspection and testing of the equipment prior to rope-up by the nominated shaft sinking contractor. It will also provide classroom instructions and hand-on training to local crew, for future operation and maintenance of the system.