The company has fitted the firm’s new 7,000sqm facility, which houses eight single girder overhead cranes and 10 workstation jib cranes with electric hoists.

Diem Werke, which develops a range of construction machines such as tanks and mixers, is operating overhead cranes with loads from 3.2 tonne to 10 tonne and a span width of 22m in its production halls and loading area.

Short versions of SWF Krantechnik Nova electric wire rope hoists are being leveraged in the facility while the trolley power supply on the crane bridge is provided through cable carriers.

All of the cranes in operation are remote-controlled, which gives the crane operator greater freedom of movement and allows him to work safely when moving the attached loads.

The company added: ”As the materials are moved overhead, the entire hall space is put to best use. The optimum approach dimensions of the NOVA electric wire rope hoists also play an important role. Wall-mounted jib cranes are used in addition to the overhead cranes.

”These workstation cranes are fitted with the Chainster electric chain hoists, which can each carry a load of 1,000 kg. The electric chain hoists are moved by a motor trolley on the beam. A wall-mounted jib crane is motorised due to the long beam for the slewing motion. The other compact jib cranes can be moved manually to the desired position.”

Elsewhere, a monorail track with two Nova electric wire rope hoists, each carrying 10 tonne loads, was installed in the varnishing cabin with the hoists fitted with an electronic anti-collision device.

This was commissioned to enable workpieces weighing up to 20 t to be positioned safely and gently in frequency-controlled tandem operation.