HMTV: Dellner Bubenzer exciting times for 2022!

21 January 2022

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Dellner Bubenzer announced its first product launch this month, following a company merger in June last year, with its SB 28.5 brake upgrade and a drive towards more sustainability.

The SB 28.5 brake involves less maintenance thanks to an improved self-centering system by roller and cam and advancements in automatic wear compensation and with the combination of the SB 28.5 with the BUEL thruster it consumes less energy.


Here to tell us more on HMTV (Hoist Magazine TV) is Joel Cox, MD, Dellner Bubenzer USA and Dirk Schlameus, product manager, Dellner Bubenzer based in Germany.

The pair also tell us what to expect from Dellner Bubenzer this year with more announcements to come.