Red Rooster achieved accreditation by the British Standards Institution (BSI) following consultation with the standards body on how best to implement the occupational health and safety management system into their existing processes.

Along with the BSI’s guidance helping to reduce noise levels in the firm’s assembly workshop, the amount of manual handling on the premises has also been reduced.

The firm says existing practices related to staff responsibility, training, legal compliance and risk assessment were strengthened further while working towards accreditation.

Red Rooster sales and marketing director, John Evans, said: “After finding out about our business and processes, BSI advised in clear uncomplicated terms where we had problems with our systems and where we needed to show compliance with key legislation.

“One example was our risk assessments form where a simple change of a few words made a vast difference to the implication of the assessment and control measures.”

Evans also highlighted benefits of using the framework beyond simplifying the company’s existing safety and quality control practices, which have resulted in a more streamlined operation producing greater efficiencies.

“Applying maintenance programs throughout the operation has helped to reduce machine down time and have equipment ready to use when required. The checks we carry out on purchases mean we are ordering equipment and consumables that comply with current regulations, do the job required of them, and are safe for our staff to use.

“Combining both quality and safety for internal audits has created a much better audit that can show that we are compliant with our systems and regulations.”