New from HBC-radiomatic is a radio remote control system with automatic frequency management. The German company believes that it is the first to produce industrial radio controls based on DECT technology.

The technology was first tested and used in large steel factories in Germany almost two years ago. After that more than 50 prototypes were built and successfully tested.

HBC-radiomatic claims to have already delivered 300 DECT-equipped radio control systems. Applications for these have included industrial overhead cranes and harbour cranes.

‘The big advantage of the HBC-DECT is that the system provides the frequency management fully automatically,’ explains sales manager Karl-Heinz Günther. The frequency band 1,810MHz to 1,900MHz is an exclusive DECT frequency band in Europe, but the technology can also be used outside Europe.

Manual frequency change-over is not necessary. Since all DECT systems are able to communicate with each other, an automatic feedback message to the transmitter is standard.

The systems 735 and 770 spectrum are already available with DECT technology. The systems 716 micron 4, eco, spectrum and 722 spectrum will soon be available with DECT technology.

HBC, which launched its first radio remote control system for cranes in 1971, also produces the controls for OEM branded products.