Attendees will learn basic product operation, inspection criteria and how to inspect and repair both past and current Harrington products.

The school consists of classroom work followed by the hands-on training of disassembling and assembling the products described in each type of class. Each person attending will receive a Harrington Repair Manual on all products discussed and a certificate stating they are qualified to make repairs to those Harrington units.

The dates and locations are as follows:

Manheim, Pennsylvania

  • 11-13 April, 9-11 May, 11-13 July, 12-14 December – Electric and air products
  • 26 July – Manual hoists and trolleys
  • 13-14 September – Wire rope and cranes

Corona, California

  • 7-9 February, 8-10 August – Electric and air products
  • 4-5 October – Wire rope and cranes

Contact your Harrington sales team if you are interested in attending.

Harrington Hoists is ISO 9001 certified company and a wholly owned subsidiary and manufacturing site of Kito Corporation, which is the largest producer of chain and wire rope hoists in the world.

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