(1) Hand Chain Hoist, 1 Ton, 8 Feet lift, HDRM 11.6, Pull to lift load 58 lbs. Load chain diameter (mm) x Chain fall 6.3 x 1, Net Weight: 25lbs. Part number: CB010-8, Quantity 10 Each.

(2) Hand Chain Hoist, 2 Ton, 8 Feet lift, HDRM 14.8, Pull to lift load 72lbs, Load Chain diameter (mm) x Chain fall 8.0 x 1, Net Weight: 41lbs. Part number: CB020-8. Quantity 5 Each.

(3) Hand Chain Hoist, 3 Ton, 8 Feet lift, HDRM 20.1, Pull to lift load 72lbs. Load Chain diameter (mm) x Chain fall, 7.1 x 2, Net Weight: 49lbs. Part number: CB030-8. Quantity 10 Each.

Certification papers are required on all hand chain hoists.

(4) Load Chain, Continuous, for Harrington 30 Ton Chain Fall, Case hardened Grade 80. Part Number: LCC3025ND. Quantity 492 Feet.

Manufacturer of these items is Harrington Hoist Inc.

The Government reserves the right to award on an ‘All or None’ basis.

The tender is set aside for small business.

Deadline: 27 March 2006

Contact: Nina Miller, Purchasing Agent, Phone (912) 673-2001 x6963, Fax (912) 673-2191, Email Nina.Miller@navy.mil, Department of the Navy, Naval Supply Systems Command, Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Jacksonville, Kings Bay Det, 930 USS Hundley, Bldg 2012 Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, GA, 31547