Founded in January 1904 by Heinrich de Fries as Heinrich de Fries GmbH, the company started as exclusive trading agent for the renowned de Fries + Co, Stella Hoists.

"Reliability and the strive for high customer satisfaction gave the company an excellent reputation as reliable industrial partner. Only five years after its foundation, Mr. de Fries passed away," the company explains. "Wilhelm Pützer, who was in charge of running the business takes over and guides the company through the difficult economic situation of these days."

Pützer introduced the "HADEF" brand name and the company’s logo "man with stones". He also started the production of hoists and cranes. It was in 1922, when Wilhelm Pützer purchased 60.000m² property in Düsseldorf Flingern, which is still the company’s main production facility and headquarters.

Moving forward, past the Second World War, the company developed innovations such as the chain hoist of "ultralow headroom configuration" and the first mini electric chain hoist for 150kg capacity the "Liftboy".

At this point, Hadef products were manufactured under license in France and Great Britain and a partnership company opened production in India

From 2000 onwards Hadef has continued to modernise, improving its design and production facilities as well as adding a new test facility.

"All these measures are the base of continuous growth and customer satisfaction for the future. In 2014, Hadef is a family owned enterprise in the fourth generation with worldwide activities," the company added. "Today, Hadef, together with its subsidiaries in Norway, France and The Netherlands, is a modern and innovative manufacturer in the material handling industry."

"We thank all our business partners and friends for their cooperation and continuous help to reach our goal to go on to have a successful future development," they added.