It has launched a modular line of chain legs. Instead of selling one-, two-, three- and four-leg chain slings, the company is selling only single and double leg attachments which, when slung from a master link, can make up all the combinations. It has also designed a new ID tag to explain how the system works.

It is replacing its safety hook with a latching grip hook, because the grip hook has greater lateral strength and will show the stretch caused by an overload by not latching properly.

Its Midgrab chain shortener can be installed at any point on a chain leg, rather than just beneath the master ring. This is particularly handy with long chain slings.

Its Master link MT consists of a master link and two smaller, permanently-attached links. This simple piece of equipment reduces the number of moving parts and wear points and thus the amount of periodic inspection needed.

A new square master link better rides on large hooks.

Group communications manager Johan Holmsquist said that the company’s performance would be “significantly better” than last year, which he qualified as better than 10% growth in profits, year on year. Net turnover was 1,240m SEK (130m Euro) and operating profit was 101m SEK (10.65m Euro) for the entire group.