The order further consolidates Kalmar’s long term partnership with the terminal, the company stated. The deputy general manager of PCT said: "Once we install the 12 RTGs from Kalmar, the stacking capacity of our terminal will increase by 30 per cent, and we believe that our terminal will achieve reduced operating costs with increasing throughputs, by turning to the advanced technological solutions Kalmar has consistently delivered, ultimately gaining higher reputation."

PCT currently operates with Kalmar straddle carriers, reachstackers, forklift trucks, empty container handlers and terminal tractors. The new cranes, Kalmar E-One2 RTGs, have a 41t SWL capacity and also benefit from zero emissions, through incorporating a cable reel that provides an electric power system that eliminates all diesel emissions, engine noise and the use of hydraulic oils.

"The latest Kalmar E-One2 Zero Emission RTGs, fitted with SmartRail, an automatic gantry steering system, offer an exceptional solution to our stringent requirements for higher capacity, reduced carbon emissions, lower costs of ownership and safer operation around the yard," the deputy general manager added. "The Kalmar E-One2 Zero Emission RTG applies new technologies without compromising container terminal productivity, reliability or flexibility, which we consider to be tremendous achievements."