Spain-based manufacturer Gosan has opened a US facility in Jacksonville, Florida, where it will produce sheaves for the overhead lifting markets of north and south America.

The company has 40,000 sq ft of manufacturing and warehousing space, and will manufacture between 10-20,000 sheaves a year, it said.  Gosan will share the new facility with JC Renfroe & Sons, Inc., which has been its US marketing partner for the past six years.

Juan Miguel Gutierrez, managing director, Gosan, said the company has invested over $3million to bring its sheave manufacturing to the US.  “Once we are in full operation, we expect to have 30 new employees,” he added.  “With the increase of construction in developing nations and with the movement to increase oil drilling in the US, we believe our market for sheaves is only going to grow.”

Gosan has been manufacturing welded machined steel sheave products in Europe since 1971.  Its product lines have been used in a variety of industries including construction, marine and oil rigging.