Gorbel client exercises Easy Arm

17 June 2011

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An exercise equipment manufacturer recently reported improved assembly processes after replacing a jib crane with a Gorbel Easy Arm intelligent assist device.



Four years ago, Gorbel, a US manufacturer of workstation cranes, track systems and bridge cranes,  helped the client improve processes by using the Easy Arm for precise installation of motors in exercise equipment, and now it’s paying off, said Gorbel’s marketing coordinator Susan Greipsma.


Testing and assembling the motor on the exercise equipment manufacturer’s ‘swinging stepper’ required routing it to a buffer zone for testing then using a jib crane to lift a 100lb motor so it could be fixed on the back of the machine with pins.


The exercise equipment client found that the assembly processes slowed as the jib crane used did not provide enough precision. 


An engineer with the client company said, “We needed something that gave us more control to accurately place the motor on the pins of the frame without slowing everything down.  It’s too heavy to do by hand, especially when you do it 50 times per shift, but the jib crane we had in that area had too much bounce to line up the pins.”


The Easy Arm provided a steady lift in the buffer zone. “We needed a new process, and the Easy Arm was the cornerstone of the new process. A traditional crane just was not an option.”