The Full Mission simulator features eight visual channels and a full cabin on a 3-DOF motion base. The system, like all GlobalSim simulators comes equipped with an operator chair, interchangeable controls, and a station for the instructor which allows proper configuration of different scenarios and weather conditions. 

“We are excited to be able to provide a solution for the Dominican Repubic. Not only is this going to add great value to their training process, but it will help them prepare and acquire the crane skills needed out in their port yard” said Oscar Delgado, international sales director, GlobalSim. 

DP World Caucedo is a maritime terminal and Industrial park and logistics services provider, located in Punta Caucedo, near the city of Santo Domingo. Part of the DP World portfolio, provider of smart logistics solutions, enabling the flow of trade across the globe. 

Its products and services cover every sector of the integrated supply chain – from maritime and inland terminals to marine services and industrial parks as well as technology-driven customer solutions. 

The Full Mission is a favourite among training centres across the globe – particularly those that provide instruction for STS and RTG crane operators. The simulator is 3/4 enclosed and provides minimal distractions for trainees. Additionally, if features a range of standard features, including GlobalSim’s VR Mode and Coordination Tester.