The Spanish manufacturer showed the first model “G” hoist on its stand at CeMAT in October. Serial production begins in 2006.

The Spanish manufacturer’s hoists extend from 1t capacity, FEM M5 duty hoists with single-wrapped drums and single-fall reeving (“B” models) with maximum lifting speed of 16m/min up to 63t capacity, FEM M3 duty hoists with double-wrapped drums and 12 falls of rope (“F” models) with maximum lifting speed of 2.6m/min.

With up to a 55kW motor, the “G” range doubles the motor power of the “F” range, according to Carlos Aguirre, export manager.

About one-third of the 50-year old company’s business is exports. “Business is quite good,” said Aguerria. “Spain is still strong – it is falling off only slowly,” he said. He said that the middle east was also a good market.