The culmination of several years’ development, the new GH range covers capacities starting from a maximum of 3.2 tonnes on its GHA 12 model to a maximum of 12.5 tonnes on its GHD 13 system.

"The GHB11 hit the market in 2013 and has been a great success. Over 1000 of these new hoists have already been sold, with minimum problems and maximum customer satisfaction," the company said.

It added: "Our commitment does not consist of reducing the features of our new hoists, but just the opposite: our strategy is to add value to the units without affecting our competitiveness and the value we provide for users.

"And that means all our users, worldwide, however developed their economy or industrialised their country may be."

GH was the first manufacturer to incorporate frequency converters to its hoist and crane movement as standard.

"This inclusion has improved the performance of aspects such as speed control, movement precision, acceleration and load braking, preventing hazardous swing, improving motor protection and extending the working life of the motors and other crane mechanisms," it added.